President's Message

President's Message

We would like to make people impressing with our 100yen products.

Our company was established on this idea, back in 1993.
Thanks to our customers’ patronage, and in this year, we have reached 28th anniversary.

This term will also be a turning point for me, because it is the 10th anniversary of my appointment as president. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of your supports.

I believe that it is my mission to bring satisfaction to our customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees, by pursuing the value of 100 yen products.

Now, in the midst of COVID-19 crisis, our stores are needed in the daily lives of our customers, and I am more impressed how vitally the company supported by the employees who work in our company here and in the store.

We will move forward to realize to be a good company, where employee can perform their work while feeling productive and comfortable, from our one shop stores that is convenient places with all kinds of necessities. We are striving to make best effort to our stores part of the living infrastructure that supports people’s daily lives and contributes vale to their local communities.

Based on ‘customer satisfaction’, starting with this term, our group of companies has established a new medium-term plan, ‘Next 3’. It is focused on accomplishing a corporate transformation.

With pursuing the value of 100 yen, we will deliver an impressing value to our customers.
I will also continue challenging and evolving in myself so that we will continue to be as a corporate group that is needed and supported by our customer.